Thank you 322, 279

Thank you so much guys! Those lastcouple matches were crazy but you guys pulled us through! Great job! We’ll see you at West Michigan!

~David Butzin


It was great to work with both of you and I was glad we got to be in an alliance with 322 again. Thanks also to all the other teams that made this regoinal possible. Thanks to the judges, refs, and all the other people that helped. Thank you to the schools and sponsers and everyone and…and…oh yeah! A MASSIVE thank you to all the wonderful people at FIRST!

After having everything go wrong that could go wrong Friday, team 66 believed in us enough to select us for their alliance partners. Thanks for the opportunity and believing in us. Coming from the basement to being winners was just incredible. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

only team 66 would believe in a team ranked 49th out of 62 teams, and for that WE thank YOU. our alliance with 279 was awesome, WINNING THE GREAT LAKES REGIONAL was great!!!

also good job team 494 for being our teammate when setting the regional high score, and national second highest score. you guys put up one heck of a fight against us in the finals. we also want to congradulate TNT (280 i think) and 292 for making it into the finals.

my top 5 favorite robots for GLR are…

  1. 66
  2. 279
  3. 111
  4. 494
  5. 67

Congratulations guys! What we called the clone alliance turned out to be a strong one! Without robots to get balls to the human players (cough…33…cough), you guys showed that cappers are all but useless. You show that if you do one thing well…consistently…you can win. We like to say, if you can win the Great Lakes Regional, you can go a long way!

Also…292 wasn’t in the finals, you guys beat them in the semis!

oops lol… sorry about that… long day/week. hehehe

as for the clone alliance… i hadnt heard that nickname but i like it. all three of us “curled” up… swinging upside-down on the bar, all three had the same a-frame design, and all three had similar main features. plus two of us were GM teams. :smiley:

[quote=Will Hanashiro

Thank you very much, we were very fond of your robot too. 322 has been one of our favorites ever since we borrowed your old mentor and adopted her. (Ursula) You guys had an incredible machine and I love the way you folded up your robot to hang. I would have never thought of that![/quote]

Hey Nice job guys we were very glad you had beat them. After our goof ups and losing in the semis for semi-dumb reasons it was awsome to see you win!
Oh and thanks for cheering us on, sad to lose we wanted to vs you.

The good news: Dang! That was awesome, just plain awesome. Can’t say any more. Best thing about it, my entire family was there to see it all and its on tape.

The bad news: After getting KFC chicken, we returned home to find a busted water pipe. OUCH! Our basement was flooded.

Oh well!

hey ya think you can get 322 a copy of that tape??? maybe bring us a copy at west michigan? sorry about ur basement tho, at least the KFC was good…

I beleive our mascot/camera-man (small teams sometimes have to double-up on things) was recording the whole thing, but I’ll have to check with him.
I still think the most intense match of the day was when HOT actually capped 1241. That was intense, and our team wasn’t even on the field!

Yes, I will try to get around to making a copy of the tape. It’s fairly good footage, with a smal to fair amount of wasted tape (I will try to cut that out of the copy). I even included the other matches leading up to it.

Awesome event and awesome robots. The play of the Day had to go to (forgot the team number) the team that put the Big ball inside 1241’s net and prevented them from getting about 15 small balls. That was the best strategy I ever seen, the place went crazy. Thanks again to 66 and 279.

WOW GLR WAS AMAZING!!!.. we (team 1241) had a great time and loved it in ypsilanti

yes I have to agree that ball capping our robot stunned us and we were at a loss for words… great strategy Team HOT

Also GREAT JOB 66,279 and 322… you guys were amazing

every team at GLR made our first ever regional a blast and we all loved it and can’t wait for our next regional!

thanks everyone

Your teams robot was awesome, I was scared we we’re going to have to play you in the finals. Congrats on a great showing, team and robot.

I’ll definately second that one. Your robot impressed me beyond belief 1241, probably one of the best rookie bots I’ve ever seen.

1241 definetly raised the bar for rookie teams. Somebody should bake them a cake.

I didn’t know you guys were rookies until you got the Rookie All-star award. You acted like veterans that knew how to do it and do it well. I can tell you will be winning your first National Title in the near future.
Awesome job guys.

if someone does, make sure its choclate and big enough for atleast 20 odd people. :smiley:

thanks for the compliments dan_322, cutiebethy, Crop-Circles, and JoeXII’007. for those of you coming to nationals, we’ll see you there.

You must include the cherry on top and extremely good icing too!