Thank You, 492.

I want to thank team 492 for picking our team (957) for the final match. Also, congrats to the entire alliance (492, 957, 1031) for the victory we achieved at the 2004 NW Portland Regional. You guys were great. Hey, guys, remember me? I’m that slightly nutty kid who ran around and screamed a lot. Good luck y’all, and thanks again.

Sadly i do not remember you as that description fits most of your team. :slight_smile:

hmmmm, not really, as the rest of the team was standing on the sidelines yelling, while he was the only driver from the team within the arena to run around yelling.

Ahhh! He should have said driver! Ok, now I remember him. Yep well thank you to you as well. Our robot would have been quite useless with out our hanging counterparts :).