Thank you, 525 and 16

I can still hear 525’s captain calling out “three… fifty… six” as if in slow motion. The 525, 16, 356 alliance was a dream come true. I guess the trophy just wasn’t destined for us, but I think the experiences we had more than make up for missing out on the big win. I know I’ll never forget the new friends and amazing experiences of Saturday, March 8th. Cheers to 525, 16, and FIRST!



I was almost sure you guys would win! When 16 accepted 525’s offer, we were like…OMG IT’S OVER!!!

But the other alliance somehow pulled through…

“We are in our happy place,” claimed one of engineers.

Watching our autonomous program work flawlessly,
we didn’t see an end.

Then two illegally placed bins brought frustration to our team,
We were tipped over and no longer in “our happy place.”

My heart stopped. . .

But 356, out of the mass of boxes, smoothly slides under our robot,
Using its lifter heroically comes to our rescue.

Heart races as I jump high in the air, once again we were in “our happy place!”

With everything that went on that day and all the frustrations that our team went through, I will never forget 356’s driving skills and loyalty to their teammates

Thanks to team 356 for turning St. Louis into my best experience.

In the words of my teammate “our happy place”. The honor was ours. Thank you for the great time and good luck at your up-coming competitions, I hope to see you both at nationals.

I fixed a typo and changed the soundtrack in the video. It was bugging me. =)