Thank you 870 and 871

I would just like to thank teams 870 and 871 who took a chance by picking the 32nd seeded team. You guys were amazing. You even came over with freshly baked cookies after you picked us. We had a real great time working with you and it couldn’t’ve been a more perfect scenario. Thanks a lot and good luck in any upcoming competitions.

Also I’d like to thank the rest of the teams at the Long Island regional because you all just made it a terriffic event. It was loud and energetic just like it should be. Hope to see you all in Nats!

Thanks alot for being great alliance partners…i knew you guys had potential, and we didnt care about ur seed. I hope we work together at nationals, and i cant wait to see you guys there!

Thank you to both 88 and 871. We had an amazing time at SPBLI with you two. We had an amazing alliance and the discussions in the corner with my little notebook worked out well. :rolleyes: 871, thank you for choosing us. 88, you did an awesome job. Cookies and hugs all around! Can’t wait to see you both at nationals! We should be sure to find eachother. :slight_smile: