Thank You Andy Baker

Andy, I am a mentor for 5484 - Career Academy Robotics “Memento Vitam”. Going into the quarterfinals yesterday our pilot smashed her finger between the door frame and the robot cart and broke her fingers and cut them pretty deeply. Our drive team went to help her, but they are pretty young (the coach is a college student) so they weren’t sure exactly what to do, but you did. You jumped up and helped one of my students, everyone else did too, but you were first.

Everyone knows you for Andymark, but I just wanted to thank you. And FYI, she got herself stitched up, fingers splinted and was back in time for pit cleanup and to get her first place medal.


I second this. I’m said drive coach and without you, I would have had no idea what to do, so thank you.

It’s good to hear that the young lady is fine. All I did was shoo her into the ladies room and told her to put it under some water. Then, I told the lead queuer (who has a radio headset) to call for first aid.

Many other people came to help her more than I did. Alex Fera, who is an FTA and also an EMT jumped in, and then, two nurses, and the maintenance crew from Penn High School for clean up.

Congrats on your team’s success!


I already got my thanks out to Alex and the nurses, so I wanted to make sure we got it to you as well!

Thank you for the congrats!