Thank you Bash@theBeach

Thanks to all the teams and volunteers who put together today’s Bash@theBeach. A good time was had by all who attended!

And thank you 1099 and 2170! you were a great alliance!

Thanks to the teams for hosting the event, thanks to 230 and 716 for putting up a fight with us, and thanks to everyone for making it a blast!

Thank you to team 809 and 571 for a great run in the finals. You guys helped make every match exciting and planning matches easy. See you either at River Rage or next year!

This year’s Bash @ the Beach was better than ever. Thanks to all the volunteers who set it up and helped it to run smoothly.

Thanks to 1099 and 2170, our awesome alliance partners. With your teamwork, our alliance managed to pull through a lot I would have never expected. (Like 1099’s broken ramp, our torn-out wires, and some really tough alliances.)

Thanks to 122, 571, and 809 for some tough competition and three really great matches. You kept me on edge in my seat, where I was for once, instead of in the drivers’ station.

To the hosts of BatB and Dominion, nice job! This is always a great event!

…to our friends on 40 Trinity, and 173 Rage, your the best! Thanks for the ride to the semis!!

Thanks to Rosie and Rage for a job well done.

Thanks to 121 for not killing our parrot :smiley: !

Thanks to everyone who helped volunteer and all the sponsors who made the event free for all!

I would like to add our thanks to the organizers. Another fun day!!! See you next year.

Same here, and thanks to Kathy for a great NEMO meeting. Also, 176 it was nice to play with you instead of against you in eliminations for a change!!! We gave the 1 seed a pretty good run for its money!!!

Yes, you did. That was a tough match

And thanks to you guys and 1991 for working so well with our student coach :slight_smile:

Your student coach was excellent; well prepared and very professional. We, too, were using this event as a chance to let our students take a little more ownership and control of the program. It was a great experience for them.