Thank you Chief Delphi for a Successful 2022

I would like to say thank you to the Chief Delphi community for helping the 5013 Trobots have a successful year. It was great to be back in person and we couldn’t have grown as much or been as successful without this community.

This year we returned to worlds with a better performance than 2019 though we didn’t make Newton playoffs we see it as a success and learned a great deal. We would not have made it without the Chief Delphi community. We have learned so much and have so much more to learn.

I would like to make a few special thanks to people who have helped me learn more about FRC programming and other technical/electrical issues by answering my questions. @jdaming @Oblarg @calcmogul @Peter_Johnson @nuttle @PatrickW @chadleee @Michael_Corsetto @ngreen @Brandon_Hjelstrom

If anyone wants to express their thanks and tag a helpful or friendly user in this thread I think it would be great.


I could only mention 10 people in one post so I broke the rest of my post into this reply :wink:

Answering questions isn’t the only way people help here. Asking questions also helps. For those who were learning and asking questions that helped me @randomstring @mendax1234

To those of you who I met in person at events this year @ngreen @randomstring @davepowers @scottgoering @Michael_Corsetto @Brandon_Hjelstrom
It was good to meet you in person.


Brad, agreed! I enjoyed meeting you and talking with your students about your robot. Your team put together a great machine. I hope your team was excited to see so many 5013 climbers on Einstein!

Hope to see you guys again next season!



I’m glad your team saw success this year!

Your help requests have been well-structured and thoughtful, and it’s generally been pretty easy to answer them. Be sure to pay it forward and help others who run into the same issues in the future!

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Thanks for taking the time to talk with us at champs! It was really fun to learn about the development of the climb and get to meet the students who helped put it together! You have a fantastic team and should be very proud! Looking forward to catching up again next year!


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