I just wanted to say a whole bunch of thank you’s.

The first one goes to all of FIRST. Thank you for the game, thank you for the time you put into making the game, thank you for making the last while such an awesome time. Thank you for all of the hardwork you put in to it

Second, Thank you to my team … I don’t know if they read this but if they do … THANK YOU. Those days … while stressful were absolutely hilarious and I will be terrified of duct tape for the rest of my life.

I also want to thank my engineers and mentors. I am pretty sure they will never read this … but in the odd chance they do I want them to know that they really helped us out and that it was awesome !! As well, thank you to all of the engineers and mentors from all of the other teams … I know it cant be easy putting up with a bunch of students late into the night and on weekends every night for six weeks

I want to thank all of the CD community for all the help you’ve given me … not just this build season but way back in September and October when I wasn’t really sure I was able to start a team and for all of the help that you gave me with my proposal and all the help since then …

Wow … this sounds like an acceptance speech … but basically a HUGE thank you to everyone for making this build season absolutely spectacular !!!

And the oscar goes to Shyra…

You look like you’ve done a very good job for yourself. You always seem like you ask very good questions and help on these forums anytime you can. Thank you. And get ready for some fun competitions.