Thank you for this game!

I am amazed by the quality of the game for 2004. Every aspect is incredibly well thought out. We are finding it to be extremely challenging with lots of latitude for different strategies. Judging from some of the pictures on Chief Delphi, there is going to be an amazing variety of robots which in turn will result in many fascinating matches.

To me, every robot is a moving mechanical art form, a sculpture made of aluminum, motors and gears, and I think that soon we will be seeing those art forms involved in some of the most fantastic robotic “dances” that any of us have ever seen, as they swoop around the field interacting in this year’s game. I forsee that there will be many, many matches where the outcome will be impossible to predict and therefore very interesting and exciting. I can’t wait.

So even though we haven’t competed yet, I would like to extend my thanks and admiration to all those involved in designing the game for 2004 (including those teams that submitted ideas and feedback last year). Because of your efforts, our team is incredibly energized and having the time of our lives designing and building our robot. In fact, this game is a work of art. After all, when people look at a painting or watch a movie, the artist attempts to cause an effect on the audience. In FIRST, we are also affected by the artists who created the game, but it is even better because we are allowed to actively participate as opposed to just being the passive effect. So in many ways, FIRST itself is a far superior form of art. And to me, this year’s game has achieved the highest levels of this fascinating art form. So to Dean, Woody, Dave Lavery and everyone who contributed to the FIRST Robotics Competition for 2004, congratulations and thank you again for this gift that you have given us. You have given us a real adventure, and one where everybody wins!!!


Good words. This is a great game. It is challenging to the teams while still being relatively simple to understand by an audience.

The “Game Design Committee” who put this thing together worked long and hard to make it the way it is. Thanks goes out to all of them.

Andy B.

Great words Doug,

This years game is great!!! In no other year have I been in awe for the FIRST five minutes, not being able to come up with a winning game strategy (well I hope our team came up with a good one). Don’t take me wrong though, I honestly have loved all the previous years games just because I love FIRST. However this year, I think they really hit it!

Thanks to everybody in the FIRST community for making my life so much more fun!

I definitely agree … Thank you to everyone at FIRST for such a wonderful game … it is so complex and is sure to produce some extremely unique and awesome robots that I cannot wait to see!!!

something that i would like to point out is… the 2004 game is also comfortable for the rookies… since they will have a way to score by playing with the 5 point balls. also there may be some rookies whom we will see hanging. cant wait for the competitions…

amen but think of what they will come up with next year!!!

this being my first year being involved, i would have personally like to have been here since 2001 but me being VERY interested in being HP (since ive been playing soccer for the past 8 years) throwing just seems so natural, but yet again, its going to be a whole nother story when there are 4 robots running/driving around and having crowds cheering like crazy… cant wait =D

We’re not praising the game per se…mostly the people who made it.

blinks You know this is a robot competition right? :rolleyes:

It seems in all of your three total posts that you’ve managed to destroy what communal behavior is all about. Kudos.

[EDIT: well the post got deleted…but I think I’ll leave that for kicks and giggles. :wink: ]

Yes, agreed. This game is a big step up from the one last year. I like the fact that there are obstacles in the way of getting 50 points. Last year it seemed almost too easy for teams to get on the ramp and walk away with 25 quick ones. This year, even “expert hangers” go through some issues getting to the bar. So far I love this game and the way it’s being played…although i’d definitely like to see some more contraptions like 303’s bot that scoops up the balls and deposits them in the human player station…very ingenious.

I was dying last week with all the robots in action and my and mine on the sidelines. Worse yet, I was unable to see any of the regionals first hand. The only way I kept from going totally mad is that I have spies all around the country. I have heard from several folks from all the different regionals that played last weekend.


…I will be total honest with you, the opinions were quite mixed.

I won’t go into a blow by blow description of what I have heard but I will say that the opinions fall more or less into 3 bins.

The largest two groups are about the same size and are diametrically opposed to eachother:
One group feels that this is a very exciting game with a lot of very exciting matches, especially in the Elimation Rounds.

The second, equally large group (who often who attended the SAME REGIONAL as folks from the first group – go figure?) feel that the matches are mostly boring, the Elimination Round matches boring than ever if anything.

The third group of observers (much smaller) basically felt this year’s game was about par for the course for a FIRST game – not too boring but nothing that is going to interest a casual fan either.

I don’t know how to square this circle.

I am an inspector and judge at the Great Lakes Regional this week, so I will have a chance to make my own mind up.

I am hopeful that the exciting matches camp are correct.

Time will tell…

Joe J.

The NH regional was the first time that i wasnt either behind the glass or working in the pit. I was in the stands the whole time, and i had a great time. The games two problems are usually split during matches, scoring and capping goals is exciting to watch because it shows the delicate aspects of design. And then at the end of the match you see brute force come into play as robots reach and pull themselves off the platform.

This game has a lot to offer while at the same time being simple and spectator friendly.