Thank You Killer Bees!

To all team 33 members:
During the MWR quarterfinals, I was sad to see your robot tip over at the beginning of the rubber match. However, I was pleasantly surprised to see your team cheering for our 8th seed alliance soon afterwards, even though your own alliance was no longer playing. The presence of your bright yellow shirts in the middle of our tie dye was a great encouragement throughout the rest of eliminations. So on behalf of team 111, thank you for your amazing support!

Yeah, I looked over and noticed the Killer Bee’s fan section was empty. I then saw a surge of yellow in the tie dye. It is always neat seeing teams cheering for and with each other.

I’ll second Rebecca’s thank you. It was so awesome to see all the Bees and Wabbits cheering us on, it made my team feel like the whole stadium was on our side! I love the love! Looking forward to seeing you all again at West Michigan!

I’m glad to know we were able to give support to a couple of great teams! I have to hand it to our spirit leaders in the stands, they did a great job getting everyone pumped up.
Hopefully we’ll all get to share that energy again soon!

I was not aware that the Warbots were also cheering for us! So thank you team 1525 too!

Yes, a HUGE thank you to both Team 33 and Team 1525 for their fantastic support. Seeing 33 and 1525 cheering with us was just…awesome. I do hope we’ll get to share that energy again soon!!