Thank you Mike and Justin!

The Robot Reveal night was a great event. Showing release after release seems like such a natural way to do things, and I hope that the event continues next year with even more teams participating!

I want to second this with showers of thanks. I realy am thankful that you guys treated every team with great GP. You overcame your technical problems and had a great show. Team 3885 is so greatful that you guys provided us an avenue that allowed for over 700 viewers for our video. This is over 7X the amount of viewers that we had on our first 4 build season videos put together, and yes we are trying to break the pnu. wheel record we might even add another one to our climbing device.:wink: Big Kuddos to you guys. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Even though I only got to see the end of it, thanks a bunch Mike and Justin!

That show was a blast, 700 viewers is pretty crazy. Great job with the show, I’m sure that it’ll be even bigger and better next year!

Regards, Bryan

I have to agree. Great show and thank you!!

It was fun to stay up late and watch a bunch of robot videos that I otherwise probably wouldn’t have been able to set aside time to watch videos of. It was worth staying up until 12:30 to see the whole of it.

Can’t wait for it next year!

I’m not going to lie, I wouldn’t have watched half of those videos if it weren’t for the show (nothing against any teams!), only because it’s tough tracking down all of the robot reveal videos on CD and YouTube.

Plus it was fun to watch and react with others in real-time, something you don’t get by watching it yourself.

Great job, and hopefully 964 can be in next year’s event.

It was a great show, Thanks to Mike and Justin for both organizing and hosting it. We had a group of about 20 in my basement watching, so our “1” viewer was actually a lot more. We really enjoyed seeing all the different robots and look forward to competition.

Thanks to Mike and Justin for taking the initiative and putting in the work to make the show happen. Thanks also to all the teams who are willing to share their accomplishments. It is both fun and helpful to see what the other teams are bringing to the field. I just wish our robot was ready enough to make a video in time to submit it. Maybe next year…

i liked the show just wish some of the videos had less fluff
(see 118 2011 video) no hd, no dubstep, no lights, no donuts

Thank you! It was great and I hope it wasn’t too hard for you guys. It seemed fairly simple to actually host, the trouble was just organizing it. I don’t want to hijack this thread at all, but I agree with some of the suggestions on the original announcement thread about putting some limits on the videos.

Thank you again! You guys are great, see you at FLR!

I ended all my plans early on Friday so i could be home in time to watch this! In case there reading this now, My only suggestions would be starting early because I was so tired near the end, and that would also maybe allow even more discussion because i actually liked the comments and team info

Thanks Mike and Justin,

It was a really great show to see the other team’s robot reveal videos. 700+ viewers is pretty sweet. See you guys and 340 at FLR next week.

Thanks for the kind words everyone. Mike and I had a great time and we can’t wait to see you all each week on Wednesday nights @ 9pm EST during the competition season as we rank the Top 25 teams in FRC!