Thank You NASA 2009

Thank you NASA for hosting the webcasts for the FIRST Championship. Those of us who just couldn’t make it to Atlanta this year were able to keep up with the team performance remotely - stealing a little bit of the employer’s bandwidth - and that made it almost as good as being there.

Thanks are also in order for the several webcasts of regionals. I want to particularly thank everyone involved in allowing Team 1676 to use your facilities to host the 2009 NJ Regional webcast.

Oh yes - and thanks for giving us kids* our dreams.

Don Rotolo

*regardless of actual age.


I would also like to thank NASA, thier coverage was flawless and a huge help for those of us who could not afford to make it. Amazing how the excitement does not depreciate greatly even through a screen!

Thank You NASA for helping sponsor my team which allowed us to visit the Nation’s Capital and have a great competition. Also sorry I didn’t mention you while thanking our sponsors on NASA TV. :o

Thank you, NASA, for funding our team for a second year! Your aid was invaluable and has definitely aided in my development… of my nerdiness. Oh, and everything else, too, even socialization. Thank you for, well, Don explained it best:

Thanks to NASA for its broad support of FIRST in the form of:
grants to rookie teams,
program growth grants,
regional sponsorship,
mentors and other volunteers,
webcasts and NASA TV coverage of Kickoff and Championship events
and (of course) Dave Lavery!!
More than ever, we need inspire our youth to take on challenges and succeed. The partnership of NASA with FIRST can make this happen.

…and thank you for the veteran grants as well. 1712’s experience in DC with the rookie teams. especially the rookies from Coolidge HS was amazing!