Thank you #OpenAlliance

I work directly and indirectly with a lot of teams. Many of these teams have limited resources, experience, etc. It’s not possible for me to sit down with every team and walk them through every part of the robot development process.

Ri3D is in the rearview mirror, and the signal to noise ratio is worse than ever. There are some very notable positive standouts including (but not limited to) FIRST Capital, and Everybot… but overall the Ri3D format has produced less valuable content than I remember from previous years, and that content is generally harder to find.

I want to take some time to thank the Open Alliance, and all teams who have decided to do an open build. In a post bag world there is more reason than ever to keep your process secretive, but many teams have stepped up and made efforts to be even more open than previous years.

The Open Alliance has inspired many great ideas for my own team, and drastically improved my ability to help other teams. I hope this movement continues to grow, and FRC continues to be a place where we work to build each other up.

Feel free to use this thread to attribute credit to teams that have generated ideas that inspired you and your team!


We’re incredibly excited to be able to be part of the #openalliance this year and it’s been an incredible opportunity to engage with the community that we’ve never had the chance to before.

Conveniently a couple of us are on FIRST Updates Now streaming RIGHT NOW talking about the #openalliance and our teams! So come check it out and ask us some questions!


It’s been phenomenal amounts of information coming out. Thanks to everyone. It’s inspiring to everyone involved showing what is possible in a tight timeline.

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love you dave

the rest of #openalliance is also pretty cool

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Thanks for the shout-out! We worked hard this year to try and show teams that they should be thinking about shooting “caterpillars” and not individual balls, as one might conventionally look at this game without experience, as well as highlight just how difficult indexing the ball this year actually is.

I also appreciate everything the Open Alliance (and the other teams not tagged as part of the alliance but still being Open) are doing. This is a tricky game, and more information available for everyone helps improve all teams.

Mission accomplished. Before we saw this, all my modeling was looking like “…and why are we trying the high goal again?” And I’ve seen a shooting game or four.

Keeping tabs on the #OpenAlliance and the stronger Ri3D builds has been illuminating this year.