Thank you RAGE!

Posted by P.J. Baker at 04/13/2001 7:39 AM EST

Engineer on team #177, Bobcat Robotics, from South Windsor High School and International Fuel Cells.

Just wanted to say thanks to our friends at RAGE (team #173) for letting us practice with them between the NE Regional and Nationals. Tom and Eric (our drivers) were good in Hartford, but they were great in Florida. All of that drive time really paid off.

Thanks again. I’m sure we’ll be seeing you around.

P.J. Baker
Team #177

Posted by Steve Prairie at 04/13/2001 2:21 PM EST

Student on team #173, RAGE, from Rockville High School and UTRC.

In Reply to: Thank you RAGE!
Posted by P.J. Baker on 04/13/2001 7:39 AM EST:

Thanks Bobcats. It sure helped us to be able to practice with another team, especially a great one.

Our practice field is always open to you guys.

Steve Prairie
RAGE 173