Thank you Refs (2006)

I haven’t seen this thread, so I thought i’d start it.

THANK YOU REFEREES! I know your job is hard and ,from what I’ve seen, you’ve been doing an exceptional job this year. I know at SVR the calls were very consistent, and I want to say that it made it much more enjoyable for us. We appreciate your hard work, without it, there would be pandemonium on the field.

Thanks to the outstanding head refs at Chesapeake-Anne Bergeron and Steve Shade who along with their great crew, made difficult, but consistent by-the-book calls. And I am hearing how appreciative the teams attending are.

Thanks to the Jersey refs! Thanks especially to our Head Ref! You really seemed to have your head on straight, and I really appreciated the speech you gave at the driver’s meeting. I wish there were more refs out there like you! :smiley:

We were very lucky at Detroit. We had a good ref team, I have yet to hear anything bad. We had some serious all-stars who really knew their stuff. With Head Ref Ron (sorry, after 2 regionals I still haven’t got your last name), Lisa Perez, Karthik Kangasabapathy, Dan Swando… and all the others. All people who really knew their stuff and had obviously really made sure they knew the rules and all of their updates.

Thanks to the UTC refs! We never had a single complaint the entire competition and thought that the entire event went very smoothly. The scores were quick and we were never left scratching our heads wondering why a penalty was issued. Great job!

Thanks to Nuttyman for starting this thread so we can give our refs some well-deserved recognition!

Thanks to the Jersey Refs!

Especially for listening to me when I said that the overhead lights were messing up the cameras, and actually acting and turning the lights off!! :wink:

Time for a shoutout to the Purdue Boilermaker Referees! You guys were decisive, fair, patient, and certainly looked like you were having a great time doing it…even when you got hit by stray Poof balls :slight_smile:

Ditto all the above for the FLR Referees… Jan & her crew did a great job! We also enjoyed having them practice at the Rochester Rally! It seemed that this year all the calls were consistant, and well founded!

I remember being scared in our very first round on friday when one of the refs was signalling us for pinning on the ramp, and even threw a flag, but they must have realized the call before they finished scoring, because it was never called.

Great job, and thanks to a great crew of Refs!

Thanks to all of the teams for doing such a great job and showing gracious professionalism at all times!!!

It’s unbelievable how much a poof ball can hurt :yikes: