Thank you Robolions 2199

I would like to thank team 2199 the Robolions for their post-competition display of Gracious Professionalism at the DC regional- here’s the story:

Our team had packed everything into the totes and onto the cart and had wheeled it to the loading dock area, but when our coach got his minivan, we all noticed something: the back right wheel had last a lot of air over the course of the weekend (we still don’t know why). We thought it wasn’t a big deal- his van had a built in air compressor and a hose in a removable bin in the back. Then we remembered we took out said bin to make room.
The pit captain and myself were sent to find a suitable hose for the task- we went all the way down the row of cars in the loading dock and headed in to the main hall to ask anybody and everybody (teams, the NASA trailers, security guards, and the maintenance guys). No luck. I headed back to the loading dock and noticed a couple more teams than before, including one with a boy scout trailer (troop 883 I believe). Boy scouts = be prepared.
I told the driver the situation, and he pulled up next to our van and got his compressor out, and we were good in a matter of minutes. The weekend was good, but 2199 made sure we saw the end of it.

There should be some pictures soon.

You are very welcome! Luckily, you caught us just as we were leaving.
This is Aaron C. the captain of 2199 (and former ASPL of Troop 883). We borrowed the trailer you saw from our troop (yes, with permission), since it wasn’t being used that weekend. My dad was the driver and the one primarily helping you out. He also says you are very welcome.

Funny thing is, there are several Boy Scouts in our team, but from all different troops.

Another funny thing is. Duct tape doesn’t like to stick on the side of the trailer, why I don’t know.

Anyway, you are welcome. The entire team is always willing to help anyone who asks for it.