Thank You Team 190 and 311

BattleCry III was a non-stop action filled day. Thank you for choosing us as your alliance parterres. We were honored to have the great Gompi as our alliance partners.
Also a thank you to team 311, you guys were awesome too.

Together, that was one of the best competitions I have ever been too.

Rage, Tribe, and Techno-Nuts, you played very well today to.

Not only do we have to thank 121 and 311 for being great partners but we need to thank team 151. We took quite a beating in one of the semi final matches where I robot split into 2 peices in the front and they helped us repair it. That is true gracious profesionalism.
Again special thanks to teams 121, 311, and 151.
See you all at BC4

Dude no problem what so ever, If you ever need help doing anything see below

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Way to go 190, 121, & 311. see ya all at riverrage!!