Thank you, team 51, for the earplugs at the Detroit District Event!!!

I want to thank team 51 for giving out free earplugs in their pit at the Detroit District Event! In the stands farthest from the pit, the volume of the announcer and the volume of the music was insanely loud… especially when you’re sitting closer to the field (the speakers are only 10 feet from the stands…) Those earplugs saved me from a weekend of pain, in both my head and my ears!

I meant to tell you guys at the competition, and then I meant to thank you right after getting back, but then AP classes, track & field, and such happened… but here I am… so thank you (again)! :slight_smile:

Yeah. Our team, CORE, take decible readings and has earplugs for all to use. I’ve gotten readings of 102 DCB in the stands once! It usually averages around 95 DCB in the pits but OSHA requires ear protection above 85 DCB if exposed for over 8 hours. At 95 DCB, it’s 3 hours. I’d encourage all teams to have earplugs available in their pits.

No problem! The ear plugs are always a big hit. We are just glad we can help out, as it gets pretty loud at the events.