Thank You Team #64

To everyone involved with this years Gila Monster Robotics Team, I would like to say thank you! What a great year. Your hard work was outstanding!

At the Arizona Regional we were awarded:

Autodesk Visualization Award
Imagery Award
Motorola Award
Website Award

At the Colorado Regional we were awarded:

Autodesk Visualization Award
General Motors Industrial Design Award
Regional Finalist Award

At the Las Vegas Regional we were awarded:

Imagery Award
Motorola Quality Award
Safety Award
Regional Winner Award


Thanks Ken for all of your support to the Gila Monsters over the years.

Diane and Larry

Yeah, 64, you guys are really awesome. I, and our team, had a great time with you guys at the championships. I hope we can work together again sometime!

You guys rock! And your robot rocks too! (I love that design) :smiley:

Gila! Gila! Gila Gila Gila! :cool:

Gila’s! Congratulations on a spectacular year! I am exceedingly proud to have been associated with you.

…once a Gila, always a Gila…

Thanks we had a great time working with you as well- your team and robot rock too!!! Thanks for the compliments on the robot. :smiley:
We look forward to working with you in the future!