Thank You Teams 1126 and 340

On behalf of Team 67 I would like to thank teams 340 and 1126. The Buckeye Regional was incredible with you two and taking the high score (sorry, couldn’t help myself!) wouldn’t have been possible without you. Special thanks going out to team 340 for picking us and putting together such a great alliance! :smiley:

what amazing alliance it was also it was HOT to get such a grrreat score and get the highest int the nation as of right now. Thank you for picking us!

Congratulations to the winning Buckeye alliance of 340, 67, and 1126! I was stuck here in China and didn’t get to witness a single match, but just from the online qualifying match results, I knew you guys were going to be an offensive powerhouse! Great job!

ALSO congratulations to sister Delphi Team 378, my team, 48, and Team 1038 for making it to the Finals.  You had a great run, and I'm proud of all of you.  Thank you, 378, for picking us - it is an honor to work with such a class-act organization.

All teams did great and really demonstrated what FIRST is all about. Awesome job everyone!!

P.S. Pitbull nice use of hot and grr