Thank-you Teams 237 and 340

To 237,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for being such an awesome alliance captain and just an outstanding team overall. This is the first time we were ever at the same regional and I have to say that the ThunderChickens are extremely impressed with your team. Hopefully, we can be in the same division at the Championship and “tweak” our strategy. I don’t want to get hit with any more empty 20 ounce pop bottles. :smiley:

To 340,

Again, an awesome team that we have never had the opportunity to play with until this weekend. You guys fought hard and played to the team strategy. Congratulations for winning the Chairman’s Award at Finger Lakes. You guys have amazing traction and take up a lot of space on the field. Good luck at your next competition.

I felt we were the team to beat and the 1507, 229, 774 alliance played an outstanding couple of matches to take us down. Their win over our alliance was well deserved.


I would like to thank teams 237 & 217 for selecting us at the Finger Lakes Regional. It was unfortunate that we were eliminated. I am certain that we will see you again in Atlanta you both have the Robot to beat at your next events. Thanks to everyone for such a great Rookie Regional.

Good luck & see you in Atlanta.


It was great to meet you. Truly happy we had a chance to compete together! We hope you had a good enough time to come back to the Finger Lakes again.

To 217, thank you for being our alliance partner. Your robot was amazing and it worked very well with our robot. Also, thank you for all of the help and support you gave us during the competition.

To 340, thank you for being apart of our alliance. Your robot was a great defender and you helped us do our job without a lot of interference. Congratulations on your Chairman’s Award win, I am sure you deserved it.