Thank you Teams that Give So Much Back to FIRST

This might be more appropriate in the Thank you section but I want to be sure everybody sees it.

I specifically have in mind team 47 for providing this forum which is of immeasurable value in helping teams build better robots and be better prepared for the competitions. I also want express deep gratitute to 108 for providing digitized video of the events. That is a tremendous service to all the teams and improves the FIRST experience for everybody. I know there are many other teams that do alot to help everybody but 47 and 108 have to be the most giving teams I know. Keep it up guys.

Oh, and thanks to team 111 for the “Most Intimidating Robot” award. Before this year “team presented” awards were often the only awards the team ever received and they sure are appreciated. All the teams that give awards should keep it up (we plan to start).

James Jones
Team 180 SPAM

I’d like to add a thanks to everyone at NASA who was responsible for the webcast of the Championship. I wasn’t able to go to Florida this year with my team and it was really awesome to be able to watch them compete on the web.