Thank you to 231 and 1421

I’d like to be the first of Purple Haze, 418, to give a huge round of thanks to Teams High Voltage and Chaos (231 and 1421) for picking us for the finals and scoring the points to give us the victory and our first Regional Championship victory. We couldn’t have ever done it without y’all. Extra kudos to all the drivers and operators for working in what I’m told by our coach was one of the smoothest running, most strategically consistent alliances he’s seen in years.

Congrats to all three of y’all on behalf of Plano West Robotics Team Sum Of All Forces (1888). That was the best defense I’ve ever seen, and a lot of luck! My whole team cheered for you guys, and so did most of the arena. I wanted to wish the best of luck to you guys on the 29th, we’ll all be glued to our screens watching you guys win Nationals =). Rock on 231, 1421, and 418!