Thank you to 25, 3340, and 555; congrats to 1676, 5624, and 223


Team 1257 would like to thank it’s alliance partners at MAR Bridgewater-raritan and congratulate the winners of the event! It was an intense day; 1257 is grateful to our partners for helping us get to finals.
Also congrats to 1676 on your EI and to 869 on your Chairman’s.


Thank you so much! It was an honor to play against you in the Finals after winning with you at Mt. Olive a few weeks back. We’d also like to give a huge thanks to our amazing alliance partners, 5624 and 223. We knew we had something special when our alliance was formed. Having also won with 5624 at Mt. Olive, we knew we could trust them to weaken the tower while we played defense, and they definitely delivered. In our first Quarterfinal match, they put in 10 low goals by themselves. We were also closely watching 223 on Sunday morning, and after seeing them put in 7 and 8 low goals alone in two qualification matches, we were ecstatic to get them as our second pick. They too did a fantastic job low goaling and taking out the defenses in the eliminations. Thanks so much to you both, and we hope to play with you again at MAR Champs next weekend! And last but certainly not least, congrats to 869 on a well-deserved DCA!

1676’s full-field footage of all the 2016 Bridgewater-Raritan MAR District Event Qualification and Elimination Matches, as well as the Alliance Selections and Awards Ceremony, is now posted on our YouTube Channel here: Enjoy, and we’ll see you all at Lehigh!