Thank You to 2771 and 4485!

I am the Head Match Scout for 4103, the Roborioles, and I would like to give a very big thank you to our alliance partners of 2771 (Code Red Robotics/Stray Dogs) and 4485 (Tribe Tech Robotics)! Everyone on our alliance did an excellent job, and we only lost by 20 points when our bot, the alliance captain, was out of commission for the whole round!

I wish 2771 luck in their next two District Events in MI and a sincere thank you for coming to Indiana! 4485, I hope that your year has been wonderful, and good luck on all your other endeavors! (And don’t forget to tell David that it’s his fault.)

You guys were a scary alliance to face in the semis and we were hoping we could face you at full strength. I hope we see you again at state…hopefully on the same side of the glass this time.

We were so upset when a stray wire that cut (most likely caught on our climb mechanism) cost us our defeat. We’ll definitely be going to State (unless we somehow don’t qualify, which is an extremely small chance), so you’ll be watching us soar!

2771 and 4103 were outstanding alliance partners! Thank you for a great eliminations run.

4485 won’t be at state:( We had such a poor performance at Tippecanoe that we did not earn enough points to make the show. We are holding out hope for an at large berth to championships.

It amazes me how frequently the Alliance captain is the robot to fail in a match. while I cant remember all the numbers, We blew a drive axle in Tippecanoe, Children of the swamp had issues in palmetto, I know 1023 had to call in a replacement for their couple last rounds of elimination and now the mention of you as well. I would be curious to see the spread for the alliances who lost a robot due to failure in playoffs, which position on the alliance they were in. (captian, 1st pick, 2nd pick) does anyone have those statistics?

As a captain in both of our competitions every position (Captain, 1st pick, and second pick) has had an issue at some point. At our first competition, we lost a tread halfway through a match in both QF matches. In that same competition, our first pick lost their awesome high shooter before elims even started due to an unfixable problem. They then damaged their low shooter in our first QF match and had to be a defense crosser for our second match. Also at that competition, our second pick got stuck on a boulder when the other alliance tipped them over (they got a yellow card.). I don’t really consider that breaking. At our second competition, we lost a tread at toward the beginning of a match in our third match. In our first match at the second competition, our second pick had a boulder get stuck in their shooter. Congrats to 447 to being the only robot to not have something odd and unpredictable go wrong in the playoffs with us :wink: (knock on wood). To say the least, this game has been really rough on everyone.

2771 had a great time. Thanks to our alliance mates and all of the teams at the event for making us feel at home and for some phenomenal matches.

Thank you for such a great alliance and it was a very enjoyable event, we hope to be able to come back to the great state of Indiana this summer for IRI.