Thank you to all the data leaders in the community

This year I was blown away at the amount of good data and analysis was made available by the community. Long gone are the days where folks needed to scour the internet for alliance selection results, create weird VB macros to get data in a usable format, or keep R permanently open to run component calculated contributions (OPR). So I wanted to give a shoutout to a few folks/groups in particular who contributed heavily to making data and analysis available.

Makers of the FIRST API - The access to data starts are the source. FIRST’s API makes so much specific data available these days (Cargo counts, which robots climbed, etc.) which enables more detailed and smarter analysis from the community. For those who are new, there was an era where all we got was the final score of the match. Seriously, that was it.

The Blue Alliance - Maybe the most ubiquitous site/app in the FRC community. Everything you need is available at your fingertips, the Insights page gives an intelligent high level overview of events, and the match/standing predictions are something I constantly refer to and refresh when following an event.

@Caleb_Sykes - Caleb’s GitHub is a must for anyone doing data analysis in FRC. His weekly Excel databases are basically the modern version of the old 1114 databases that we used to publish, and have really helped cement component calculated contributions into the forefront of FRC event analysis. When Ian Mackenzie and I came up with Calculated Contribution/OPR back in 2004, never in my wildest dreams did I think it would become this ubiquitous in the community. Also, Caleb’s work on Elo rankings and event simulators is top notch.

@AliciaTBay - Alicia’s weekly Tableau visualizations were perfect at providing a high level look at how teams were performing. It was just such a smart setup, and I loved all the features that were added along the way.

@mray190 and folks who worked on Valor Scout - Valor Scout was my go to source of in event component stats. The real time updates came in so clutch and saved me from running my own calculations. - This site is a goldmine of both current and historic FRC ELOs and OPR. I can spend hours here going through the historical data.

Thanks to everyone who’s sharing data and continuing to innovate by providing new forms of analysis. You’re all making FRC a smarter place and enhancing the way we talk about and analyze our games. This is a big part of culture change and even if folks don’t realize this, the community if a better place because of all your contributions.


I want to double shout-out The Blue Alliance. Not only is the website great, their API is extremely easy to use. Personally, I’ve had a lot of one-off questions/hypotheticals that I wouldn’t have been able to answer without TBA’s API. Strongly recommend for any casual data analysis.


We heavily utilized TBA, statbotics, and 1918 Tableau this year for making strategic decisions both leading up to and at events. So great! Thanks to all the contributors.


Can’t forget @Rachel_Lim’s sheets-based OPR calculator !


Used this at every competition, thanks @Rachel_Lim


TheBlueAlliance is such a staple of FIRST that it’s hard to teach new people that it’s not an official tool.

It’s genuinely such an incredibly well put together site. I have nothing but positive things to say about the site, the developers, and its community. It inspired me to learn so much more about programming over the years.

Special thank you to @plnyyanks, @Eugene_Fang , and @Greg_Marra . (I’m sorry if I don’t know other key devs!!) I think TBA is one of the greatest things to ever touch this program.


Ahhhh, totally a miss on my part! This tool really simplifies the process of getting data during an event.


One of the Einstein announcers even gave a little shoutout to TBA. Probably one of the top (if not the top) community contributions to FRC.


Thanks so much for everyone’s kind words about TBA - it’s all run by volunteers, and is a great way to keep in touch with the FRC community and make connections after you graduate (the people I met working on TBA in college are the ones who helped me find internships which led to my current job). If anyone ever has ideas about features to build or just wants to help with the site, drop us a line (or DM me here), and we’d be glad to help get you set up and productive!

(and an added shout out to @Zach_O for fixing the single biggest request we had for years… “when will you have an iOS app?”)

I will also tease that we will hopefully have some really exciting news coming soon, so keep your eye out :smiley:


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