Thank you to Brandon and Chief Delphi

I would like to take the moment to thank Brandon and Chief Delphi for providing a great service to the FIRST community. You can tell how much difference they are making by the past few days when the Chief Delphi forum is down. A lot of stuff we took for granted the past few days simply weren’t there when Chief Delphi Forum was down for upgrading. It was very hard to communicate with other teams and FIRST participants and look up past information that was posted in previous years.

You can also tell how much effort and time Brandon has put into this forum. Just look at how it is right now and compare to the forum we had the past few years with all the little hidden features and convenients we took for granted until now. And for those of you who remembered, the Chief Delphi Forum now is so much different from the Chief Delphi Forum back at 98/99, and before then. It’s amazing to see how much such a place can grow. This is a truly unique place I wouldn’t have imagined I will be a part of before I joined FIRST. I only hope other people have the opportunity to be part of an online community with many people caring so much about it.

So, hats off to the Webmaster! I know we’ve been bugging you for a long long time about “hey when is vb3 coming out? hey when is vb3 coming out? hey when is vb3 coming out?” But we are finally here! Just don’t work too hard now that it’s here ;-). I see great things coming in the forum this year.

p.s. Oh yeah, just remember you are not allowed to sleep until the gallery, white paper, team list, and the Chief Delphi colours are back. I don’t care if you have to hack into vb3 and make up your own code. :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

Is it just me, or is Ken the best speaker on this whole forum?

Thanks Brandon again, and again, and again.

Thank You Brandon for this well put together site not only for T.47 Chiefdelphi but for the entire FIRST community to utilize. It has truly helped at least 95% of the teams with all sorts of questions.

Thanks again Brandon

Don’t forget to take a look back to see where has been:*/

It can’t be said too many times. Thank you Brandon.

I thought the same thing the other day. WHAT! I can’t read the forums? But… I might be missing something!

Its good that you’re back and it looks like better than ever (even the colors, that orange was pretty garish). I’m still learning the new features.

This venue is so important to FIRST.


** yeah yeah I KNOW how important the orange is to you, 47, I’m just kidding :))

I looked at the old design and all I can say is wow. It’s come a long way. Thanks again Brandon.

Very well said Ken. Big thanks to Brandon & all of CD for giving us this forum to share ideas, discuss opinions, and make friends. FIRST would not be the same without it.

I have a suggestion that may make Ken (Patton) happy since he doesn’t like orange. How 'bout some tie-dye :wink: Just kidding. Or am I? :smiley:

Brandon has my undying gratitude. If there’s ever something to be done, he gets it done!

Thanks for everything, big guy. :slight_smile:

Yes, Brandon and ChiefDelphi deserve thanks from the entire FIRST community. While this site may go underappreciated with some at FIRST, many teams cannot survive without it.

Heck, this site has even contributed to the fact that many of us are semi-celebrities in the FIRST community.

To be specific, thanks goes out to mostly to Brandon Martus, but also Mike Martus, Joe Johnson, Mike Aubry, Mike Ciavaglia, and Barbara Sanders for making this site happen.

Andy B.

Your Better Than Hooked on Phonics :wink:
yall helping me to learn to spell better

Thank you all. I’m glad the time & effort I put into this site is appreciated. As I always say though, it wouldn’t be anything without all of you addicts. :slight_smile:

Given the spelling mistake in the post touting better spelling I don’t know if I’d take it as a compliment :wink: Just joking with you Tytus :slight_smile:

thanks brandon … i absolutely love CD because it is awesome and so many good things have come from it … and its all thanks to you … THANK YOU!!


I definitely agree with what Ken said. It’s one of those things, where you really don’t notice 'til it’s gone. I’ve been considerably less active on here in the past couple weeks, but it really hit me when I was bored one day, looking for something to do, and CD just wasn’t there. It kinda reminds you that this great community, which we all somewhat take for granted, rests in the hands of one great team, and one great guy. Thanks to Chief Delphi and Brandon Martus for all the work you do to make this community available for all of us. I really can’t thank you enough.

Thanks Brandon and the whole CD gang. CD has become part of my life. I can’t sit down in front of a computer without checking CD. Seeing as I’m a firmware development engineer that’s pretty often. Brandon, do you mind if I start calling you Dad?

Brandon is the DUDE!!! if CD wasn’t around i would def. have a life!! :yikes:

keep it up there guy…

Thanks Brandon and ChiefDelphi! I have no idea what i would do with my free time w/o these forums (oh wait, i’m suppose to study…thats right :smiley: )

Looks great (no more purple!)

Thank you. =)

PROPS to Brandon

thannnnk youuuu :smiley: