Thank you to teams 1501, 1986, 5050, and many others

This was 4828’s best season yet, and we wanted to say thanks to everyone who helped us on our way.

First, thank you to teams 1501, 1986, and 5050. It was incredible to be a part of that alliance. Never have I seen such a professional group of students and mentors, and each match was played to a point. It was so inspirational to work with you guys, and we have taken all the things we learned to apply in our future seasons.

I remember my rookie year; the first reveal video I ever saw was 1986’s Kraken, and it just blew me away. We built in a garage that year, but we set our goals to become a team like that. We got to work with you all this year, and it was a ton of fun to attach that second blocker (Thanks 1806!).

1501 had come down to NC in week 1, and while we didn’t compete in that event, watching the webcast made me realize how silly the low bar was, and how effectively 1501 functioned without it. 5050 is another team we now look up to as well. The coolness of your drive team was amazing, and you made the triple offense strategy work.

I also wanted to say thanks to the NC FIRST Community. So many NC teams came out to cheer for our Archimedes alliance, including 5679 2642 5854 and 4290. Districts have created this amazing community, and I cannot give enough praise to the district system. We started off in 2013 being mentored by 3459 and we ended up as partners with them and 4561 at the NCDCMP.

It’s bittersweet to change my username title to alumni, but from building in a garage, to tearing down our pit for parts, to being the 4th robot of an Einstein alliance, its been an incredible ride. Thanks FIRST, and thanks to everyone in the program.

Thank you guys for that. I think we made a great alliance and I enjoyed every minute of Einstein.