Thank you VEX

I was at the St. Louis competition on Saturday. I must say, for a first time event it was pretty awesome. I had a lot of fun. I really do like the VEX set up on how the matches run and how alliances are selected. I also got to see many FRC people that I somewhat know. I would also like to thank our alliance partners FVC-98 and FVC-127. I would also like to thank IFI, Intellitek and all the people that helped put together/run the 2006 game. Especially thank you to the volunteers.

Please explain what is better.

Joe J.

I liked how the FVC/FLL combined part ran. There would be an auto match then a FLL match then automatch then FLL match, then when the auto matches were done it would be driver then FLL then driver then FLL until those matches were done. The alliance selection was in an entire different room (partially in part of the FLL finals/awards going on at the same time) and they lined team reps up in their qualifying order. Then 1-4 pick their first partner and then their second. After they were picked, for my alliance at least, we went almost straight into planning our “attack” and we didn’t have to walk back to the pits hardly at all, since we were already in a somewhat private area. But, the alliance selection for VEX(at St. Louis at least) probably should not be integrated into FRC. The multi-“league” set up should be though, so you can see multiple FIRST divisions at the same place.(Other then the championships)