Thank You

Posted by Westside Boiler Invasion.

Other on team #461, Westside Boiler Invasion, from West Lafayette High School and Purdue University.

Posted on 4/19/2000 5:55 PM MST

My name is Ryan Dumas and I am a member of team #461, West Side Boiler Invasion. As a memeber of the team I would like to thank you for all your
support, both financial and moral in helping us make it to the national robotics competion at in Epcot Florida. This is my first year on the team, and
I have had a wonderful experience, both with the members of the team and with the robot. When we attended the Motorrola Great Lakes Regional in March, I
had a great time, and I was over joyed to hear that we would be going to nationals in Florida. Our team went crazy as we learnt of the good news.
However, none of this would have been possible if it weren’t for all the support provided by other FIRST teams involved in the competion. I am very greatful for all
you generosity and I appreciate that Chief Delphi posted a message asking for all donations to help us get down to Nationals. You have showed team sport and
exemplified the spirit of FIRST. I thank you for an experience that I will never forget.

Thank You for all your support