Thank you

Posted by Marjory “Frosty” Stager at 04/09/2001 10:24 PM EST

Student on team #47, ChiefDelphi, from Pontiac Central and Delphi Automotive Systems.

Hey everyone,

I would just like to thank everyone that we got to play with. A big thank you to Mike C. it was great to have you back there on the field. You are the coolest. And to Martus for getting the human players all working together even though some may not have gotten the rhythm down all the time. I can’t forget Joe for all his hard work in programing the bot. By the end of the year it all paid off. And last but not least Mike A. you always kept me thinking (of the next joke to use on you :-)). And of course everyone else that made this a great year, thank you. You all are every cool. I hope to talk to everyone soon, and I hope everyone had a great time in Florida.
Take care.