Thank you!

Team 8764 Thunder Robotics wish to express our sincere gratitude and Thanks to our mentors, sponsors, supporters, fellow students and other teams and participants at competitions who played with us, worked with us and helped us have an absolutely fantastic 2023 FRC season! As you can see, we owe thanks to so many that we may not remember to single out any one. Thank you to all the many teams that we borrowed a vacumn from and especially a big thank you to those mentors from the other teams who came over and helped us with our robot and tools. You know who you are, thank you!

A special great big “Thank you!” to Team 1114 Simbotics and Team 3683 Team Dave. We love you guys and people on our team have been your fans for years, (knew about Team 1114 since started doing robotics).

Thank you to Argosy Foundation and FIRST Canada for your support. Our shoestring budget is legendary and you know the whole story. Yes, our students are going to get down to learning to do fundraising and finding sponsors so this does not happen again next year. They are just high school students after all. LOL LOL LOL. Oh, never mind the snow storm days that shut the school down in the afternoons. As if “cannot do anything during exam time” is not good enough. LOL LOL LOL.

A great big tremendous “Thank you!” to our Senior Mentor Paul Keenan. And the great folks at FIRST Canada. We truly mean it when we say we owe a big part of our success to you.

Team 8764 Thunder Robotics.


Paul is my goat

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