Thank yous from 2041

On behalf of team 2041, I would like to thank all the teams at the Midwest regional for making the experience so special.

1114 & 1024:
We are really honored to be recognized by such a high caliber teams. Everyone on 2041 was in awe with what you guys could do on the field. Thank you for helping us adjust to rigorous pace of the elimination rounds and thanks for sticking with us despite our technical problems. We have learned a lot running alongside you.

To The members of 107 at Midwest:
Thanks for your advice and help with debugging. Those on 2041 who were at Midwest last year remember all the help you gave them. We were happy to have your encouragement and support.

Thanks for all parts, materials, advice and time you gave to help our team. We would not have made it as far as we did without you.

we’ll see you at nationals!

It was a pleasure playing with you all 2041. Who knows? Maybe 1114, you guys, and us will be in the same division in Atlanta?

Triple 7 alliance rides again, anyone? :]


p.s. for those of you who don’t know, the sum of all of the digits for each of our finals alliance members is 7. (example: 2+0+4+1=7)

Nice Nickname for the alliance. thank all of you gusy gor giving us watching on the web cast a entertaining regional