Thanks 1088 and 378

You are amazing!!!
Thanks to 1088 for picking us.
And thanks to 378- you are just great.
See you in Huston,
Dina, 912.

That’s Houston, Dina.

Yeah, Alliance, you guys are the best. Thanks so much for helping us get to Texas. We love you ;).


yes. just on a personal note as the driver of gra… um i mean team 912. I would just like to thank team 1088 and 378. 1088 thanks for considering and choosing us as an alliance partner, we wouldn’t have been there without you guys and girls, and to team 378, you guys got our bot back up to a more efficient operating condition then we ever could have and for that I thank you, and of course on behalf of team 912 would like to thank and congratulate you both for an outstanding victory.

good luck and see you in texas