Thanks 1108 and 296

Thank you teams 1108 and 296 your robots and your teams were great. We worked hard in our first elimination round and just could not pull it off but it was a great alliance. I hope to see 1108 back at Lone Star next year but if not we may try to get to Kansas City and Lone Star.

No… Our thanks should go to you guys and to 296. We wouldn’t have made the elims without the cyberwolves and it was a selfless act by 296 to allow us to play both matches. We are just sorry we didn’t produce better results. We love working with 296 and our friends from Kileen.

I have this feeling we might be back to Houston next year. As for getting a regional off the ground next year it is still unsure but will definitely happen by 2006. If we do get a regional next year I can see us raising enough money to visit all our friends down at Houston.

Good luck. I guess today is the start of next year but I might take a week off to sleep.

Thank you to all of you guys from 647 and 1108. You guys were amazing to work with, and had great robots. Even though we didn’t win the first round, we got excellent scores in both matches thanks to you guys. We were up against a tough alliance, and because of the types of robots we had we were at a slight disadvantage.

We at 296 hope to be able to work with you guys again in the future.