Thanks 1625 & 1816

Thanks, you guys are awesome. To the people on 1625 (Winnebago, IL) you were perfect shooters and 1816 (Edina, MN), you were a perfect match. I am more astounded this year with the level of rookie teams. For the second time in two weeks we have played with and against rookie teams in the finals.
The the Finalists, 70, 494, and 1781(rookie from Chicago), you guys played great in the last two matches and throughout the finals. I am proud to know you all. Great luck in the future.

I was watching it on webcast…and I was yet again amazed by what the rookie teams could do. Nice job on the win! woohoo! :smiley: :]


Thanks to you guys, 111 and 1816 for an awesome final alliance at milwaukee.

Wildstang you’re amazing, not many teams can switch from offense to defense that efficiently, which you did when your pickup got bent in the first match of the finals.
Lets hope they fix the autonomous scoring to handle 70 points before nationals so we don’t have to do it 3 times in a row before its counted

1816 Awesome actual defense way to go minneapolis rookies

Wildstang good luck on the repair

we look forward to seeing you all at nationals

thank YOU 111 and 1625–

you guys were great, and this was more than we could have hoped for in our rookie year!

-Lauren Lacy

I would like to congratulate the winnig aliance. 111, 1625 and 1816 you guys were an excellent alinace and all three of you will be strong forces at nationals.