Thanks 175 and 1388!

Playing through the Curie elimination rounds was a blast with you guys! Thanks for playing so great and working with us to win the division and become the 3rd place team in the nation! 1038 looks forward to seeing you guys in action next year!

Thank YOU so much for picking us. Anyone else would have thought it insane to pick a rookie team, ranked 53 out of 73, as your alliance partner, but you knew better. It was an awesome ride. :smiley:

Thanks from BUZZ to 1038 and 1388 allowing us to be part of a great alliance. We all had a great time and I (the BUZZ media guy on the field) still can not talk after all the screaming!! Being number three after we all rolled off the field is great, but working together as a team to get there with gracious professionalism is what is truly all about. :slight_smile:

Yea, you guys were awesome. After you called our number, the entire team dropped their jaws wondering if you made a mistake. But it wasnt, you guys had awesome bots, and thanks for making our first year in FIRST, one to remember! :smiley:

This being my First year as a Buzz driver, i cant believe how well our alliance performed. Teams 1038 and 1388, you guys rock, what a ride we had. From that incredible second match with 190 and their alliance in the quarter finals to that last match against the national champs, it was a great experience, i cant wait until next year. Thanks for picking us to fight alongside you. :slight_smile: