Thanks 237 and 155

I wish to thank 237 for choosing us at BattleCryIII and for leading us through a great run through the eliminations. I wish to thank 155 for working so well with us and making the alliance complete.

BattleCryIII was pretty bland in the qualifications, but once the elims rolled around everything was kicked up a notch. I have been 173’s driver for the majority of the season and I have to say that these eliminations were the most fun for me (until you know what). It felt great being harrassed on the field by other teams, who were no doubt “giving me a run for my money.” Having to defend and not being defended was also a new experience and I must say that it was awesome. BattleCryIII was definitely better than the regionals I have been to (from a driver’s perspective). Rock on Gompei…

BTW, when I looked at 190 from the back when they had two goals, they reminded me of team 71 for some reason.

Thank You too!!

I just wish we could have won the competition and brought the trophy to CT. Our alliance was made up of 3 teams from CT, and the other alliance was made up from 3 teams from 3 different states, Oh well!

You know it’s funny as I look back at the season, When we went to NYC I thought that felt like more of a mini comp than a regional and when I went to Battlecry (my personal first time going) I thought it was more like a regional. Maybe they do need to make Battlecry a 2 day event!

See you at Bash @ the Beach??

You know, I didnt even go to the competition, and I still got fiery ims asking why 237 chose the way they did. Like I’d know, especially since I wasnt there :wink:

Though, I remember that one of the things that 237 really wanted to do over this season was to be allied with Rage. It’s good to know that they finally got to do so and that the two teams work well together.

155 is a solid team, and I love to see them at any competition (even though they changed their tshirt color! stick with yellow, I almost didnt recognize you at regionals!) and I heard you were a great compliment to the alliance. Congrats!

-Jessica B