thanks 267 and 343!!!

My team (353-Plainview, NY) seeded 2nd, and with the help of our AMAZING alliance got all the way to the FINALS in the CURIE division.

I just wanted to say thank you to teams:

 267- The Demolision Squad and
 343- Metal in Motion

You guys were the amazing, thanks for everything!
Anyone from those team wanna keep in touch AIM me: stacybg

thanks again,
team 353 captain

Long Island Regional- 2ND SEED!
Nationals Curie Division- 2ND SEED!
Nationals Curie Division- FINALISTS!

I’d Also like to thank our two alliance partners, Teams 138 Entropy, and Team 254 The Cheesey Poofs.

This year was the best way for me to end my senior year thanks for the chance.

We Finished Third in Curie, and i got one of the Clarkson FIRST Scholarships

Also thanks to 353,343, 267 for in my opinion the best three rounds of the finals. We keept it interesting till the end. I remeber looking around at the start of the Third match where it was 267, and 343, VS 254, and us 151 and thinking wow we’re running with the big dogs now. After our somewhat lower seeding i wasn’t even sure if we were going to make the finals, then in that second match of the semis where we ended up with two goals , i think we turned some heads so that was fun. Good luck to 138, and 254 in the future.

Chris Team 151
2002 Driver The WildCards
Semi Finalist Curie Divison
2002 Engineering Inspiration UTC

Thanks Stacy. Team 343 is extremely grateful for choosing us as your third alliance. You and Team 267 were great to work with. It was great competing against some very strong teams like 254. I would love one more shot at the 60 machine. We were so close. Oh well, there is always next year. Keep in touch at

Thanks again.

Mark Jones
Team 343