Thanks 330 and 599!

Thank you both teams for an amazing run this year at the Arizona Regional, In my 6 years of FIRST Ive never been and a more exciting and fun alliance. Thanks again and I hope to play with you guys next year.

That entire alliance was very impressive in terms of thier skill in playing the game, acting with extreme grace under pressure, and handling adverse circumstances with class. I look forward to seeing 330 and 599 again in Los Angeles, and 498 in Las Vegas. Good luck to you all!


The pleasure was all ours. The truth is we were fortunate to be able to pick two alliance partners so high on our list. (And thanks to all the other alliances for not picking them first. :slight_smile: ) Even though we got knocked out sooner than we would have liked, we made a good run for it, and it ended up being very close: a single ball in autonomous mode made the difference of who advanced to the finals. I told the winning alliance we’d take them in a rematch, but they wouldn’t bite. :slight_smile:

We’ll look forward to playing with 599 in LA, and hopefully we’ll see 498 next year. Thanks again to all the teams who made the regional such a great experience.

You guys were awesome. Thanks goes to 599 and 498. We couldn’t have gotten as far as we did without your fantasitic help. We hope to see you guys next year!

Congrats to teams 1006, 60, and 1897, for winning the regional, and congrats to teams 987, 1241, and 1917, as the runner-ups!


Thanks Dave but sadly that was team 498’s only competition due to the lack of funding. But Coming from you that is a huge compliment.

I’ve been beaten to the being grateful, but I’ll put my thanks to 330 and 599 in as well. Those are some of the most exciting matches I’ve seen the past 3 years, and it was great to be part of it. Congrats to the other side of the field as well, 1006, 60, and 1897, you guys did a heck of a job out there.

And thanks for the compliment Dave. If all goes well, I will make sure next year teams will see us at other competitions.

The most fun regional i have been to in my 2 years. The excitement was great. Thanks 330 and 498 for being a great alliance partners. Hope everyone has had/or is having a great season. Can’t wait for LA in a week and a half. Great job to everyone at the regional, especially 842 for the chairmans award, they deserved it. Hope to have another fun comp at LA, and hopefully learn about some cool designs other people have made to shoot, i think that has been what has been the most fun for me. Seeing the cool ways that people make a projectile travel in the air. ahaha. Great job again, and hope people had as much fun as i did.