Thanks 4, 968, 330, 995 , and 599

Thanks first of all 330, 995, 599 for putting up 3 amazing, intense, and suspenseful matches last night, it was awesome playing against you guys. And thanks 968 and 4 for an awesome alliance that went all the way, way to go guys. =D

yeah, i had a great time. Those finals were soooooooo close. Good luck at nationals. 599 aint going because half the team is seniors, and senior prom is the same weekend. Good Luck. I had a great time, as im sure a lot of you guys had.

well, i can tell you that those matches had ME on the edge of my seat. Our alliance partners were AWESOME, no matter what others think. teams 330,599, and 995 made it very difficult for us, but that is what made it a GREAT match.

I agree. I loved those matches. I had such a blast operating. I hope to see you all again next year…rematch anyone (: