Thanks 476 and 118

Thank you team 476 your robot was amazing (I love your electrical box) and team 118 that was great swerve driving. We made all the way to the semifinals with a great alliance. Also thanks to all the teams and staff at LSR you guys made it the best FIRST experience I have had.

P.S. This is from the human player (Allen)


From the Lone Star Committee and 118, a sincere thanks for the kind words. 647 made 118’s regional by selecting us after we had so many problems with our winch. We were happy to “rat around” for an alliance made up of such great and friendly people.

With Mike & General Shoemaker’s energy and leadership on your side and Tonya’s leadership and persistence on 476’s side, both teams will be great for years to come.

Please send along a special thanks to your entire team for making the Lone Star Regional the “Friendliest FIRST Regional” in the country.

It is an honor to be associated with Shoemaker & the Cyberwolves,
118 & the Lone Star Regional Committee

Well said… Team like 118 and 647 and people like Tonya and good team like 57 and 364 congrats and thanks Kevin. The webcast was great Friday and Saturday I was able to switch over to SVR (the kids were more interested in the edubot anyways…) My team has had a blast competing with and against everyone in Houston for the last two years. And want to thank 418 and 446. I wanted to compete with 418 since I saw there robot and would still love to compete with such a great team and robot.

Team 1108 will always consider Houston our robot shop away from the robot shop. Kansas City is starting a regional next year so LSR 2005 is questionable. I know everyone loves LSR and doesn’t even mind the 14 hour bus ride.

I would also like to thank 476 and 118 for being so supportive and helping so much with the NRLB. We hope to continue it in Atlanta and they are working on how to do it. I know all the students appreciated all the help that you guys and gals gave. We even got some back when 118 helped to fix our boom. Thanks.

I wish you luck with the Kansas City Regional it’s a huge job to undertake. The Lone Star Committee views every team as our customer and we try hard to make it a great FIRST experinece for all of the teams.

Thanks. We hope to put on as good of event as you guys do. It’ll be hard but I think KC is up for the challenge. As a customer for two years I can tell you that the venue is great, the refs, volunteers and judges are great and you can really tell that a lot of effort is put in to make it special for all of us.

All I can say now is EEEEEEyah - Been to Nats been to St. Louis but Houston is the friendliest and best regional and competition. 647 Cyberwolves you guys were awesome. What a gracious selfless act to put us in for a shot at the winning alliance. Sorry we got tipped over sideways - I would not have thought that possible. 118 thanks - even with a bot that was broken you guys gave the alliance a legit shot. - great drivers great design (send me your plans).
Lucia, Kay, Chris, and Lucien, thanks for your support and encouragement in every way. You do an incredible job - all I have to offer is THANKS from my heart.
I hope that FIRST takes steps to emulate what you all are trying to do with this event to improve upon what is a great program.
It also takes great teams with people to make a regional special. All teams at the LSR were of very high quality.
I really enjoyed helping to “almost” rebuild a complete drivetrain with the guys from 647 and 1421.
Thanks - I only hope I can be there next year - we’ll see.

Ken York
Mentor Coach Team 476

Team 118 & Lucien Junkin mentored us when we started Nov. '99-----we continue to enjoy the relationships with 118. Our friendship with the cyberwolves also continues to grow—we always look forward to working with you.

Good luck at the Championship----hopefully we might be in the same division.

Have fun at Atlanta.