thanks 71 and 179

you guys made this event special and we made an exceptionally strong alliance and gave me a experience of a lifetime. Swamp has been our friends for a long time and playing with them finally really made it special and team 71 every one on that team is just awsome they are really some people i think everyone should meet. Thank you guys for an awsome swing at this world championship and hope to see you at IRI probably.

A Huge Thank you to 233 for picking us. It was awesome to work with Andy and the rest of you guys. Josh you and your arm driver were amazing. You guys executed flawlessly for the entire competition. Your whole team is always cool as cucumbers. I just love doing battle with you guys! I wonder if you guys had gotten together with the poofs what would have happened. :ahh: That was cool you guys got to climb our ramp that first semi match. SWAMP LOVES PINK!!!

It was also great working with Brian Beatty (71) and Co. There was a lot of greatness happening through those eliminations with you guys, we’re proud to have been a part of it. Those ramps were sweet.

BTW The tube did not block us, but it did mess with our drivers (Sean) head. He just tried to climb a little to soon thinking the clock was gone, but he had a few more seconds to align it. I didn’t give him the countdown, I was a little distracted because I think pink was touching a tube or something and Beatty was yelling across at them to back off. They may have been saying to get off the ramp so they could jiggle the bot and we could get unstuck. Not sure, it was pretty frantic. I wonder if anyone on 71 in the drivers booth could elaborate why they kept yelling for 233 to “back off”.

987 was an excellent scorer, the only team we couldn’t seem to stop. They must have climbed 190 faster than we climbed 71 in the first match, because we had them on our end of the field with 10 seconds left on the clock. Great play and great drivers.

190 Congratulations, I love your designs every year. We were allied with you in Curie finals in 2004 and I was blown away then by your robot. You guys always go the extra mile in enginuity, and now you’ve got the big win, Great Job!

177 played some tough D on 233, we thought a flag was thrown in the last match for grabbing their ringer, but the penalty points didn’t show up so I guess that wasn’t the case. I’m glad a fellow UTC team took home the Gold. You guys scored fast the one match you played offense. I thought on the last match when we bumped both 177 and 987 that 177’s gripper might have broke and then they decided to play defense. I’m not sure, but I know they started to score but after dropping the ringer, went straight to defense on pink.

Congrats to 1902 for winning Galileo! To bad we couldn’t go head to head for the finals. It was close.

386 you guys did a great job, and it was fun playing you in the finals of Archimedes. Good job with the Autonomous & Controls award.

79 Congrats on the creativity award!

Congratz on your win at archimedes, we had some tough breaks. Expected you guys to win, had a killer strategy, but in the end we all had fun!! even me!!! O yea and 233, you guys had a reel sick autonomous. good job :slight_smile:

Ditto from swamp, and hopefully we will be seeing you at IRI, Dan???

My team sent some people down to watch and i chose to watch archimedes. After alliance selections i thought your alliance could go all the way.
3 amazing robots

I’d like to go to IRI, but Florida (I think) will now have 2 off season events. Mission Mayhem, and now I heard 79 will host an off-season in Tampa in September. Indiana is a long drive, but we’ll see if the team wants to do it. Maybe PINK will come to these?

it’s a definite for the crunch competition (i’ve invited 234 as well). our team or at least parts of it have always made it to mayhem. IRI is definitely well worth the drive. travel with us, we camp in kentucky and then hit Indiana.

S.P.A.M was cheering it’s collective heart out for both you guys. (And we threw an Oink Oink Boom! in for good measure. :wink: )

Congrats to all of you guys for winning Archimedes. It was a tuff 2 matches in the Q-Fs!!!

u guys were SUCH a powerful alliance and i had my money on u guys for the whole thing :slight_smile: … Your first match of einstein was incredible… it was like battlebots because 1270 or wutever was destroying your alliance. Glad you guys bounced back and showed how the game should be played :slight_smile:

I would like to thank 71 and 179 as well, for being what had to be the most fun alliance I have ever been a part of. Those last 3 matches were intense, and I would not have been more honored standing beside anyone else.

71…I will honestly say when I’ve seen you before in competitions I always wondered how one team can look so “normal”, yet be so dominating. But I was naive, and when I got to play alongside you, I saw how professional your team is, and left no doubt in my mind how you have scored 4 championship titles. Beatty FTW!

179…I can remember standing in the pits and staring up at the board, watching the alliance selection. A few of your mentors were behind me and when the first round was done, I was astonished that swampthing wasnt picked yet, so i started talking to them about how funny it would be if we were able to pick them. One alliance after another rattled off their pick…suspense built…then it came to us, and when our HP Chez announced 179 as our 2nd selection, I knew we had an alliance to take all the way to einstien.

oh, and PS Swampdude-
I am the base driver, Josh is the Arm operator. FYI