Thanks and Congrats to 2767 and 3620!


The St. Joseph competition was spectacular. Every team there was fun to play with or against. Out of these excellent teams, StrykeForce (2767) and the Average Joes (3620) were able to stand out via a combination of driving excellence and design ingenuity. We, the Iron Giants (5069), are humbled to have been the second pick of these teams’ amazing alliance.

It was amazing to work with you all and hope to do so again in the future!


You guys did great at competition, by the middle of the first day we knew if Stryke Force and the Average Joes were on an alliance they would be unstoppable. Them adding you guys just made the alliance even better. Hopefully we will all make it to state so we get a chance to play against each other again.


I wasn’t able to attend the competition and had to watch the live stream, but I’m sure I can speak for the team and say that we were very grateful to have you guys on our alliance. Our alliance wouldn’t have won without the Iron Giants on our side. I controlled our robot’s drivetrain last year for recycle rush - really enjoyed having you guys on our alliance at St. Joe then, too.


It was a great Saturday afternoon! We cut it close in the quater finals, but after that we found out footing and took it all the way home.
Thank you to 3620 the average Joe’s for being a above average cycling machine. Also thank you to 5069 iron giants for putting on some iron defense in the finals and being flexible when the strategy changes were happening. Looking forward to seeing the Joe’s at East Kentwood. Best of luck to the Giants as you guys head up to West Michigan.


Thank you, 2767 and 5069, for being great alliance partners and for your kind words here. Stryke Force showed once again that they are a top-notch team, and their leadership was key to our alliance’s victory.

Here is a beauty shot of the Strykingly Average Giants

And a peek at our initial highlight reel. More capabilities are under development for Kentwood in Week 5.