Thanks Buzz and Aces High

Just wanted to thank Buzz for overlooking our miserable Friday performance and picking the Bobcat for their 3rd alliance member. None of us were certain if our greatly improved performance on Saturday morning would be enough to overcome the absolutely lousy day we had on Friday.

Aces High gets a big thanks too for doing the heavy lifting with Buzz in the 1st match each round. Certainly made our job a lot easier.


Speaking for the Buzz Team, I just wanted to say thanks to 176 and 177 for being wicked awesome alliance partners. We had a great time at UTC with the all UTC Teams alliance, and congrats to 236, 157 and 782 for such a great round of finals. 236, hope you guys liked our tick dance :slight_smile: ! UTC was awesome this year and Nationals should be even better!

-Thanks Aztechs and Killawatts for being great alliance partners, sick robots, I had a ton of fun with you guys.

-Thanks BUZZ, Aces High and Team 177 for being great opponents. You guys all have awesome robots and most importantly, great attitudes. Can’t wait to see you all again at nationals.