Thanks CD!

Thank you for being a pretty cool place on the Internet and being a fun community of people.

That’s it. Just a thank you for being you.


See below


I’m with Marshall. Thanks everyone.

Hope you all have a fulfilling and enjoyable thanksgiving.

Thanks CD for collectively teaching me a lot of stuff and being full of cool people.

Lol where would my team be without CD… Thanks y’all!


Big ol’ +1 to Marshall here. What I discovered on this website really hooked me onto robotics. So, thank you for that, even though I sometimes get lost in the technical jargon. :o

+1, I check CD even after graduating from FRC… some might say I have problem

That makes 2 of us…


It is not a problem…

At least that is what I keep telling myself.

Thanks CD, TSIMFD.


…or is that five now? :stuck_out_tongue:

+1. Thank you CD!

6, most of whom are from 900. Thank you CD for facilitating our takeover.

Honestly, it’s getting to the point where I’m thinking Brandon is just gonna change the website name from Chief Delphi to Zebracorns.

If the Zebracorns had a public chatroom website, you wouldn’t need a password. They’d do authentication via target recognition (biometrics).

I’ll counter–7, but I’ve been graduated for 10 years and I’m still here.

(And there’s plenty of teams in your current area that could use some mentoring…)

  1. And CD played a significant role in getting me hooked on this whole FIRST thing. Back in the early days of my time on 1257, we had a lot of issues and didn’t know how to do a lot right. Chief Delphi has proven an incredible resource for me to learn how to get my team on track. It enabled me to have a really inspiring experience that got me hooked.

Thanks CD for being great and giving me the tools I needed to turn 1257 and my FIRST experience around.