Thanks Chief Delphi

I want to say thanks to everyone at Cheif Delphi for picking us at the Great Lakes Regional. We’re very sorry that we had some troubles during the finals. We had a breaker problem earlier in the day but we thought we had it fixed. Apparently, it wasn’t the case. I guess I just have to chaulk it up to first regional bugs.

We know what the root cause of the problem is and we have a solution worked out. We should be able to implement the solution by the end of Thursday at Grand Rapids. I hope to have all of the bugs worked out by Grand Rapids so we can display our full capabilities.



Thanks for giving it your best. Sometimes things don’t work out the way they are planned, and that’s all part of the learning process. Glad to hear you have resolved the problem and Good Luck at your next compeition. Also thanks go out to team 188 from our wonderful neighbors to the north! Better luck next time - ya can’t win 'em all!

Team 188 would like to give a BIG THANKS to ChiefDelphi for picking us. Although we had some unfortunate rounds in the qualifying matches, I am very glad and very grateful that you guys thought us worthy to be your allies. Best of luck to you guys (and 308) at West Michigan. Hope to see you again in Florida.

Anthony X.