Thanks/Congrats Teams 79 and 233

I would like to thank teams 79 and 233 for being positively wonderful alliance partners at the UCF regional this weekend.

Team 86 could not have asked for a better alliance. We all did a great job and I would like to thank every team member of teams 79, 233 and 86 for being there when the going got tough. We played great together. Also, congrats to team 79 on their Chairman’s award!! :smiley:

hey, I was just wondering…While watching the webcast of the elimination rounds, I was amazed by team 79’s drive train. Could anyone tell me what they had powering that robot of theirs?

ya, i was curious myself, me and joe were having quite the discussion about it earlier, and we came up with a couple ideas, but weren’t sure, either way, 79 looked awesome, nice bot

they had a crab drive train with a motor on each of the 4 wheels
2 chippys and 2 drills

And to 233/79/86 you all put up a hell of a fight its a shame when somthing little takes out a robot like a dropped chain. And thanks to 233 even more for being great pit neighbors and for all of the support!