Thanks/Congratulations for the Philadelphia Regional

From myself and 1712:

Thanks again to 816 for selecting us (for the second year in a row). Sorry we weren’t able to fix our drive issue in time to play the third match (though we had it in working order about 60 seconds after we had to make the call for the back-up bot). Once again, being picked by you guys really re-energized the team after an event that wasn’t living up to our expectations. And to 1403, it was a real pleasure working with you guys. I was shocked you were still around at the 7th pick. And 87, you guys did an excellent job after being shoved into a difficult decision.

To 365, you guys have this regional on lock down. Congratulations on yet another regional win. It was a lot of fun to play you in what is now a yearly meet-up in the quarter-finals. Philly’s definitely your “home field,” despite us being located closer. We’ll take you on at another regional next year, we had a bit more success last time we played you outside Philly. :wink: Most importantly, thanks for all the help on Thursday. We couldn’t have gotten by without the BB775 you lent us and your arbor press proved invaluable.

357, it’s always a pleasure. Congratulations on your Engineering Inspiration Award, you definitely deserved it. You were a huge help in getting us functional and Kyle worked with us all weekend on our minibot deployment. It’s a shame we could never deploy your extra minibot, but it was definitely worth the effort.

To 272, thank you for giving us a pressure regulator. You potentially saved our transmissions by enabling us to reduce the pressure we were running to our super shifters. You guys have always been a great aid to us during our history, and this year is no exception.

To everyone else, it was a real pleasure competing with you and working with you. I don’t have the time or remaining energy to compliment every one of you, but thanks all around to the volunteers and teams. It was a blast.

I would like to thank team 303 for taking me and 293’s minibot and deployment system as one of there own. You guys are a great group and truly made me feel like I was on your team. I hope I can see you again soon.

Additionally, I would like to thank 3629 for letting us put our minibot and deployment system on your robot. It was a great effort, and truly a shame we never got it to go. Congrats on Rookie Inspiration and Highest Rookie Seed

Congrats to 486, 1391, and 316. You guys put up a tough fight, and the last match should have been much closer.

Finally thanks and congrats to 365, 1640, and 2607. You guys were great alliance partners and although we had some ups and downs we pulled it off in the end.

I want to congratulate Mark Callow from team 3151 for winning the Dean’s List! Your old team is very proud of you for winning this and also for starting a successful team last year. :slight_smile:

I would like to add my personal thanks for the Philadelphia Regional. I am a rookie, so if I say anything the wrong way or mess something up, please blame me and not my team. I apologize for the delay in posting my thanks; I am still stunned by the experience of attending my own personal first regional ever.

First and foremost, I would like to thank the volunteers who made the Philadelphia Regional happen. It is truly amazing the great event that they ran!

I would like to thank Miss Daisy (341) for hosting the Ramp Riot. It gave me my first glimpse into how competitions work when I attended it this past fall.

I would like to thank Lansdale Catholic Robotics (Cyber-Crusaders, 272) for running their software seminar back in December and the mentors who made presentations there, including Bob Bellini and Paul Gehman from DAWGMA (1712) as well as Frank Larkin (272). For a rookie who had never used LabView or seen a robot being built, this seminar really helped me hit the ground running in January.

Speaking of January, I would like to thank Royal Assault (357) for hosting the Kick-Off in our area. Great job! I also need to thank Frank Larkin (272) again for the seminar on sensors he gave at the Kick-Off; the information that he presented proved invaluable as our team dove into brainstorming the next day.

To all of the posters on Chief Delphi, a big thanks to you for sharing information and being helpful throughout the build season, whether you knew it or not. :slight_smile:

To ALL of the teams who competed at the Philadelphia Regional, thanks for making it so fun and crazy! I especially liked sitting next to the Firebirds (433) and seeing their reaction when the Chairman’s Award was announced. Congratulations!

Special thanks to the #1 alliance of Iron Devils (1647), Miss Daisy (341), and Lumberjacks (1517) for being such a formidable alliance. I said to others on Saturday that if we faced you in the finals, you would almost certainly come out ahead. (Also thanks to the Lumberjacks for handling the Webcast!) Thanks to our opponents in the quarterfinals for close and exciting matches: Anomaly (816), Cougar Robotics (1403), and DAWGMA (1712). Thanks to our opponents in the semi-finals for thrilling matches: Cybersonics (103), ROBBE XTREME (56), and Team Lionheart (1302). Big thanks to our opponents in the finals for the heart-stopping matches: Positronic Panthers (486), the Metal Moose (1391), and LuNaTeCs (316)!

To our alliance partners, Miracle Workerz (MOE, 365), Panther Robotics (303), and Fighting Robo-Vikings (2607), HUGE thanks for the tremendous effort from everyone and for coming through for the alliance!

Finally, to all the members of Sab-BOT-age, past and present, I would like to thank you for the hard work and perseverance that got the team to this point, for allowing me to participate, and for forgiving me my “deer in the headlights” moments!

Congrats to Teams 365(4 in a row!), 303, 2607, and 1640 on winning the regional! The finals were definitely very exciting matches.

Congrats to 433 on the Chairman’s Award, you girls definitely deserved it and were my prediction on who would win it at Philly.

Huge thanks goes out to 2729, we had an issue with some of our batteries, and they graciously lended us two batteries to use throughout the weekend. They saved us.

Thanks to all the volunteers, refs, and patient FTA, we had silly problems with our non-classmate PC and the FTA(sorry, forget your name) was incredibly patient and helpful throughout it.

Temple was an awesome venue, not too big, not too small, and it was definitely an incredible regional.

A definite big thanks to Miss Daisy for offering their batteries to us in the Finals in case our batteries weren’t going to be charged enough, especially after we beat them in Semi Finals!

I hate being late with stuff, especially this late, but better late then never. First, a very large Thank you to everyone who makes the Philadelphia Regional what it is. Special Thanks to our alliance partners Team 433, the Firebirds; and team 395, 2 Train! This has been the first year Team 304 has been in the elimination rounds in about six years, and we hope to be there again. Also, kudos to 316, 1391, and 486 for beating us, and making it to the finals. And congratulations to the winning alliance! We home to be able to team up with all of you in the future. See everyone next year!!!

Looks like we’re a little late too, but a big thanks from the Firebirds (team 433).

We always have a great time at the Philadelphia Regional, and we had some great alliance partners (395 and 304) this year!

Thanks again and good luck to everyone next year! : )