Thanks & Congratulations from Kettering KICKOFF

First off let me say congratulations to the 10th Annual Kettering KICKOFF Champions 326, 68, & 27. On behalf of 862, Lightning Robotics, it was great playing against you.

Again on behalf of Lightning Robotics a huge thanks to our great alliance partners, 51 & 494. Both teams brought alot of great experience, advice & firepower to the alliance. We had an AMAZING time working with you! Good Luck in 2010!

Losing by two points in the finals, if we had to be eliminated, thats the way I would want to go out.

Congrats 326, 68, & 27, and also 862, 51, & 494! That last match was REALLY intense, and it was great to watch.

Congratulations also to all of the teams present. Working with and against everybody was amazing! There were a few matches won by landslides, but in most cases, the outcome of the match could have been affected by a supercell from the right alliance. Everyone was very gracious and professional, especially from a first-time-part-time-coach standpoint.

I’d like to offer a HUGE thanks to the event volunteers! You kept everything running very smoothly, despite the delay that started mid-morning (which, I believe, was caused by our robot experiencing some pretty bad communication/code problems. Sorry everyone!). I was incredibly impressed with the very quick field re-set - good job guys!

Man, I feel like I’m thanking everyone from a full-scale regional/district… :yikes:

Congratulations to you too. To all the teams who participated, particularly to our finalists (326, 27, 68, 51, 494, and 862). It was amazing to play all of you again, and now I’m just looking forward all the more to comps come March! :slight_smile:

As a side note, I was actually a little surprised. This is my second year in FRC. Even though I was excited for Kettering (kick-off) I doubted it would be nearly as enjoyable as it had been as a rookie (I mean I’d done it before right). WRONG! If anything it went above and beyond all of my experiences from last year. I actually felt like I was able to contribute substantially not only to my team’s performance, but also in helping our rookies enjoy there experience as much as I had. What made it even better was that I actually knew a lot of the people there, from friends of teammates, to some of the people who post on these forums. I have to say actually meeting people who I’ve watched post here was slightly eerie (I was more than slightly surprised by what you guys are like in person), but at the same time it was cool to talk to someone and think “I know this person”. All in all another great kick-off (365.25 days to go :wink: )

Thanks again to teams 326 and 68 for selecting us to be your partner, It was fantastic working with both of you. :smiley:

I’d also like to thank all of our opponents for being incredibly gracious and friendly, despite what may have happened on the field. It’s really great to know that even when you’re competing against someone with all you have you can congratulate them a minute later no matter the outcome.

I was hearing some great stuff about this event all the way down here in Austin! What I heard was how inspiring it was to be a part of it and how well-run this event was.

So, from Austin - congratulations and job well done, everyone!


Oh, sorry, was the green and pink tie a little much?

Also, I would like to say a special personal thanks to WKUF, the Kettering radio station that handled the audio for this event. First off, thank you for doing that for us you guys. Second, thanks for being willing to help me out, I was underneath one of the speakers the whole time and they were kind enough to turn it down in that area.

Not at all, especially taking into account the people running around in chicken suits :slight_smile:

woo kettering was awesome this year. even though we are rivals in everything, it was absolutely great to team up with northville.

kettering is our testing competition; we allow anyone on our team to drive in qualifying. it was quite evident in our record (0-5) and place 41/42 (42nd team didn’t show apparently). so it was quite a surprise to be the 4th pick.

on a final note; it has been an honor to drive with Team 107 and Team 548.